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Harvard Hellenic Center

Washington DC, USA - 2003

The Digital Agora of the Harvard Center for Hellenic Center is an innovative platform for facilitating the growth and exchange among a global community of classics scholars, for supporting intellectual exchange, oration, and debate around Homeric texts. The project is a modern version of the agora, combining the physical space of a dignified building with advances in virtual technologies that will enable and support new and freer exchanges of ideas and expertise. By embedding the components of information technology into the center, the digital agora becomes the hub of a nexus that extends to all universities, foundations, and to scholars of Hellenic culture around the world. These elements of connectivity are hardware intrinsic to and embedded in the architecture of the building. They release the building's potential and connect the center to the world. They are instruments designed to allow new ways of working, and to foster newly intense concentrations of collaboration around a theme. They make the agora “digital”, and the embedded technology increases the power and reach with which it can link to Hellenic scholars around the globe.