Lausanne, Switzerland
+41 79 738 0016


Concord, USA
+1 617 379 0703



Convergeo, founded by Muriel Waldvogel and Jeffrey Huang in 1999,

specializes in the design and implementation of “convergent architectures,”

i.e., smart environments and spatial elements that combine physical and digital technologies.


In addition to architectural projects, Convergeo develops physical and digital

building modules (hardware and software) for smart environments, including digital walls, interactive tables, sensor floors, mood ceilings, interactive wallpapers. Convergeo also engages in strategic and research-oriented design projects with innovative clients.


Current/recent team members include: Tomoko Akiba, Hendra Bong, Zac Culbreth, Gustavo Garcia, Angus Eade, Melanie Huck, Achyut Kantawala, Paul Keel, Surapong Lerthitchai, Sophie Maurer, Adam Modesitt, Wynne Mun, June Park, Felipe Rodriguez, John Ross, Michelle Ruegg, Thomas Schroepfer, Monica Tovar, and Nathaniel Zuelzke.


The company is based in Concord, Massachusetts, and Lausanne, Switzerland.